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What our students and clients are saying

“I am truly so lucky to have had Adam be such an integral part of my actor training. I have been able to access a part of my creativity that would never have been known had I not gotten to be in Adam's class." 

Rachel Morrison


"As an actor as well as an experienced videographer, Adam appreciates the performer’s point of view and recommends technical adjustments according to specific self-taping requirements, along with a range of recommendations for equipment to fit one’s budget. Adam is an exceptionally generous and positive teacher who meets students wherever they are, welcomes questions and addresses them comprehensively. I endorse him 100%."

Carole Swann

"Adam Elder is FABULOUS! His energy is captivating and contagious. The production skills he teaches you are invaluable. I highly recommend taking his class - It’s a one-stop shop to all the intel and tools necessary to perfecting your self-tape auditions." 

Katya Sorokko


“Before taking the Actor Online course, my technical skills were very limited. The skills and tools Adam equipped me with are ones that every actor should have. “

Ashley Hicks


“Adam is phenomenal. The skills I acquired from his teaching have allowed me to approach self-tape auditions with confidence. I used to worry about the technical aspects of the taping process. Now, I am able to focus solely on the acting and know that everything else is under control! Thank you Adam! “

Brian Patterson



"There is no doubt in my mind that I’m a better actor, artist and creator because I got to work with Adam Elder.“

Rachel Morrison

"Before taking The Actor Online, I was considering retiring from acting. “Self-tape auditions?  I don't even like to take selfies,” I thought.  Lauren and Adam to the rescue! Their classes and coaching inspired me, nurtured me, and gave me all the tools I needed not only to submit self-tapes but also to begin creating an online presence as an actor. And, in a time when we’re all sheltering in place, The Actor Online classes created a community of actors with whom to learn and collaborate. What a gift!"

Mary Lou Torre

“Adam and Lauren’s class is amazing. They break down everything you need to know on how to make a fantastic self tape, and build a presence online. Aside from their expertise, they are fantastic humans who made a wild and seemingly daunting journey simple and pleasant.”

Allen Darby

"In this brave new Covid19 world and in the ever increasing ask for self tape submissions in our industry, this class gave me a place to land. Having a recipe for equipment provided by the class and assignments to keep me accountable, helped me to face what appeared to be a difficult challenge. With help from the group, I'm starting to manage my new rolls quite nicely and settle back into the work I was meant to do."

Leticia Duarte


"Lauren and Adam brought a wealth of information/tools that I didn't know I didn't have. They helped me gain insight into my purpose, clarity about my goals, and the tools to go after both. Lauren's personal experience as a wildly talented actor coupled with her years of work as a casting director gives her a unique perspective that combines the spiritual with the practical. Adam's depth of knowledge of filmmaking coupled with his insight as a working actor allows him to effectively cut through the technological terror I personally felt and hand me the specific tools I needed. I cannot recommend these two enough."

Gabriella Grier


"Lauren and Adam are supportive - they help you build confidence and empower you to create your own studio setups so that you can create your own self tapes. I highly recommend this class!

Terry Bamberger

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