The Self-Tape Audition Intensive

The Self-Tape Audition Intensive is a one-session deep dive into the craft and art of creating industry-grade self tape auditions.

This is not an acting class, although it is designed specifically for actors! We wanted to create a class devoted entirely to the tools and techniques required for creating self-taped auditions that look and sound amazing.

No matter what your level of technical ability, this class will leave you feeling confident and knowledgeable about:

  • Lighting yourself like a Hollywood cinematographer

  • Capturing deep, full, clean audio

  • Turning your cell phone into a production studio

  • Demystifying the backdrop

  • How to frame yourself to best effect

  • How to get the most out of the equipment you have

  • How to strategically upgrade your kit on a budget

  • How to trim, edit and share your finished product


Wednesday, 3/31, 2021

6:00 - 9:00 PM PST

Why this course?

The reason we’ve put together this training is we’ve had too many casting directors and producers for film, television and theater ask us how it is possible that so many of the self-taped auditions they receive are bordering on unwatchable - with bad audio, insufficient or improper lighting, awkward framing, distracting backgrounds, and poor on-camera technique.

It's our belief that most actors simply don't realize how easy it is to do it well, with the right guidance.  

This class is practical and hands-on. Our goal is to arm every actor with the knowledge necessary to assemble a suitable self-tape kit, and teach them a consistent and dependable workflow for knocking out self-tapes of the highest caliber every single time.

The Self-Tape Audition Intensive

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

6:00 - 9:00 PM PST

Duration: 3 Hours
Instructor: Adam Elder
Price: $110

Course Instructor Bio:
Adam Elder is a filmmaker, coach and actor in the Bay Area. He currently teaches self-taping techniques in the ACT MFA program, and in the last year has overseen the remote, self-produced MFA Showcases for ACT, Columbia University, Brown Trinity and The New School.  Since 2019, Adam has teamed up with Bay Area coach, actor and casting director Lauren English to create The Actor Online, a training center helping actors meet the needs of their changing industry by mastering the tools of self-production.