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Best way to hang the backdrop?
In Self-tape gear
Adam Elder
Nov 25, 2020
Hi Kathleen! Well, there's always tacks, which can be problematic on walls. If you have a double doorway, or a wide closet with double doors, you can tack it to the outside of the doorway frame, so the little hols are invisible to the eye. As second option is tape. The only tricky thing there is testing that it's not going to pull your paint off. If you use a weaker tape like masking tape, then it might be OK on your walls, but you backdrop might keep falling down if its at all heavy. Third option is to hang it from a pole. I rigged out my guest bedroom this way. I went to Ace and got a pair of ceiling hooks - the kind you use to hang house plants, and purchased a wooden pole, about 8 feet long and at least an inch think (too thin and it will bow under the weight of the backdrop and you'll get wrinkles). I installed the hooks in the ceiling near by back wall, and then screwed an eye hook into either end, and in each eye hook I put a loop of string, about a foot long. Then I attached my backdrop fabric to the pole, and when I need it I loop the strings into the ceiling hooks. If I need more tension, I tape the lower corners to the wall or floor to pull it taught. Then when I store it, I just roll the backdrop around the pole and keep it in a closet. This is a little more set-up intensive, but after it's all ready they setup is like 30 seconds. Another options is to attach two hanging hooks to the wall, and do the same thing with the pole. Then you just reach up and place the pole on the hooks. even faster, but you do need to have two hooks in your wall... Maybe when you're not filming you hang something pretty from them - like air plant glass globes! :) Finally, I also sometimes buy *two* poles, and slide the backdrop on one for the top, and staple the other on the bottom, so it's like a scroll. That way the lower pole acts as a weight and pulls the backdrop taught.

Adam Elder

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