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Breakout Lab:

So You Want to Make a Movie?

A crash course in micro-budget filmmaking

The So You Want to Make a Movie Breakout Lab is a jump start into the world of creating micro-budget films using your very own self-taping equipment.


Over three weeks, we’ll demystify each step in the process, from concept, to storyboarding, to shooting, to editing! You’ll learn to repurpose your lights in a more cinematic way, master and control on-location audio, and utilize the filmic medium to tell stories in a compelling and engaging way. This is a great class if you’ve been itching to put your gear to new use telling and sharing stories inside the filmic medium!

This class is designed for those who have a familiarity with creating video on their phones, and a working knowledge of lighting and audio capture (the subjects we covered in the Master Series), and who now want to take these skills into the realm of micro-budget narrative filmmaking.


Working from start to finish, we’ll visit each step of the process, from preproduction to distribution.  


Micro-budget means we will endeavor to use mostly the tools, locations and people we already have on hand, and spend as little money as possible.  Once you are comfortable in this realm, you can always begin to scale up your productions by adding budget, but one of the greatest things about micro-budgeting is the freedom it provides, and the speed with which you can produce work when you’re working with a small team of motivated, excited creators. 


Our preproduction class will cover:

  • writing

  • storyboarding / narrative storytelling

  • creating a shot list

  • casting

  • assembling a team

  • location scouting


Our production class will cover:

  • narrative camera work

  • lighting for film

  • capturing audio in the field

  • the capturing process

  • shot logging and notekeeping

  • reviewing and backing up your footage


Our post-production class will cover:

  • editing

  • coloring and audio mix downs

  • steps toward the final cut

  • exporting and distributing

  • film festivals - sharing your work!

The next class begins 

Mondays in MARCH: 3/15 - 3/22 - 3/29



Enroll HERE


The Breakout Labs have been carefully curated to support actors who have already gone through The Actor Online Series. If you feel like you already have some mastery over your self taping skill set already, please reach out to us and we can discuss enrolling you in the next Break Out Session. Otherwise, we encourage you to join our community by starting with The Actor Online Series, starting on 3/17. 

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