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Arming actors with the creative and technical skills they need to thrive in the virtual landscape.

"Like many other actors “of a certain age”, the anxiety around  keeping up with the tech challenges that come with the now norm of self-taping had me in a constant sweat, bordering on depression.  After taking Adam’s class - Boom! - in one month (seriously!) I booked 3 gigs, including a feature and a pilot.  I’m positive that the relaxation I felt not having to freak out over the set-up helped me to be my best acting self. "

                   - Bettina Devin, Actor


The Self-Tape On-Demand Master Class

Our flagship Self-Tape Audition Intensive

Now Fully Online and On-Demand!


We're so excited to announce the completion of the fully online, on-demand version of our Self-Tape Audition Intensive, now called The Self Tape On-Demand Master Class!   

This class covers every single part of the self-taping process - from setting up your gear to submitting your work, and along the way I’ll explain not just equipment - what you need and why - but I’ll show you how to use it properly.  I’ll take all the mystery out of lighting, audio, backdrops, filming, editing and submitting files.  Plus I’ll share a ton of insider tips on how to really shine in front of the lens.  


In addition, you’ll get unlimited access to the Member’s Only area of this website, where you’ll find Q&As, cheat sheets, checklists and my Self Tape Shopping List - a continuously updated list of all the equipment I have tested and recommend in my courses.

So if you’re tired of self-taping being stressful and confusing, check out the Self Tape On-Demand Master Class, and start making self-tapes that get you work!

Private Coaching

Both Lauren and Adam are available for private coaching. Grab some some one-on-one time to sharpen your online presence, whether its honing your technical skills, improving your on-camera presence, building up your self-taping gear, or selecting monologues to film.

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