Arming actors with the creative and technical skills they need to thrive in the virtual landscape.


The Self-Tape Crash Course

Even before the era of COVID-19, casting directors were already realizing the benefits of online auditions, especially pre-recorded, self-taped auditions. Now, they're here to stay.

As an actor myself, I happen to think that self taping is one of the best things to happen to actors in decades. Never before have we had so much agency and control over how we are perceived!

But as a cinematographer, I am particularly aware of how frustrating it can be to know what equipment you need, and how to use it so your self tapes actually look good and get you work.

I put this course together to help actors with any level of technical ability master the tools and techniques necessary to create professional self-taped auditions and monologues, once and for all.

I'm going to teach you a fool-proof method for knocking out professional self-tapes effortlessly, every single time.

Along the way, I'm going to break down and explain lighting, audio, backdrops, editing and submitting your work, and give you sound tips on how to audition effectively in front of the camera.

It's time to put that frustration behind you, and start making self tapes that get you booked!

Private Coaching

Both Lauren and Adam are available for private coaching. Grab some some one-on-one time to sharpen your online presence, whether its honing your technical skills, improving your on-camera presence, building up your self-taping gear, or selecting monologues to film.

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